The Films

A briefing

In October 2015, six months after the earthquake, Doc and Oliver flew to Nepal to understand the impact it had had on the tourism industry.

Through the medium of film they wanted to produce short web-based films that showed not only how badly affected it had been, but also how important it is for their long-term economic recovery.

Travelling and filming for over three weeks, they visited different areas that had been affected directly and indirectly by the earthquake. These were certain parts of the Everest Region, key sites within the Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara and the historic village of Nuwakot.

The hospitality, politeness and warmth they encountered were second to none. Even with everything the locals had been through, it was incredible and humbling to see what they had achieved in such a short space of time. Areas were affected differently, however, in many places it was difficult to see any signs of the earthquake. A fast recovery and normality was and still is, essential for everyone. A living example of how “life must go on”.

The films are designed to be short, approximately 5 minutes each, in order to be appealing to the social media audience. It is acknowledged that not everything can be covered, nor should it be. Key messages spoken from the hearts of the locals signifying how resilient and cordial they are, how beautiful the landscape still is, and how they are still open for tourism are essential.